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A Pictorial History of Bandera County
150 Years of Challenges and Courage, Champions and Characters.
By; Dr. M. J. Schumacher, editor.
Published by the Donning Company Publishers - 2006
Available at:
Frontier Times Museum
510 13th Street - Tel.# 830-796-3864
Bandera, Texas 78003

Gingerbread House
1110 Cedar Street - Tel# 830-796-3616
Bandera, Texas 78003

General Store
306 Main Street - Tel # 830-796-4925
Bandera, Texas 78003

Historical Commission Chairman, Roy Dugosh, is announcing the discovery of  four “Bandera County Old Settlers” pictures and a “Newspaper Poster” advertising the Bandera County Old Settlers Fourth of July Reunion beginning in 1924.  Pictures taken - Two group photos in 1924, one group photo in 1925.
These pictures were made available to the Historical Commission and have been copied and restored.  The prints are better than the original pictures.

The “Rivers Edge Gallery” in Kerrville, Texas has copied and restored the pictures and poster.  The Bandera County Historical Commission has contracted    
River’s Edge Gallery to print copies of the three pictures and poster.  Copies of these pictures are available to anyone who wishes to purchase them. 
 If you wish to order these pictures/poster, please contact 
“River’s Edge Gallery”.

Copyright 2010 © Bandera County Historical Commission

Bandera County, Texas USA

All Rights Reserved

No. 1 - July 4, 1924, with names 8.5x29. Group of Old Settlers at the first Held Reunion .

No. 2 - July 4 - 5, 1925 no names 6x28. Bandera County Old Settlers’ Association Reunion.

No. 3 - July 4 - 5, 1924 with Model T. No names 6x25.

Bandera County Old Settlers’ Association Reunion.

No. 4 - 1929 Bandera Newspaper Poster Print 21”.

Advertising the 5th Old Settlers Reunion held at Mansfield Park in Bandera County, Texas.

October 29, 2011 Bandera County Group Photo

Goldbeck Panoramic

4407 Centergate Street

San Antonio, Texas 78217-4896

Tel: 210-656-1445, 1-800-656-9289.

You can purchase photo with or without names or both.