2014 - 2016 

Members of the 2014 - 2015 Bandera County Historical Commission were approved and appointed to serve on the county historical commission at the regular session of the Bandera County Commissioners Court

at the Bandera County Court House on Thursday,

January 24th - 10:00 AM

County Officials present were:

  Honorable Richard A. Evans, Bandera County Judge


Honorable Bob Grimes, Precinct #1

Honorable Bobby Harris, Precinct #2

Honorable Andy Wilkerson, Sr., Precinct #3

Honorable Doug King, Precinct #4

Bandera County Historical Commission


“ THC Distinguished Service Award ”


Roy E. Dugosh - Chairman.

Elenora Dugosh Goodley - Co-Chair, and Website Editor.

Secretary - Sheila Fries.

Billy Reeves - Treasurer.

Merry Langinais - Historian Editor and Historical Archives.

Historical Commission Project Directors

Hendrick Arnold Cemetery - Roy Dugosh/Elenora A. Goodley.

Friends of the Old Jail - Rebecca Norton, Roy Dugosh, and Elenora Goodley.

Historical Markers - Elenora Goodley.

Preservation of Historic Building - David Burell/Cecil LeStourgeon.

Shadow Box Displays - Merry Langinais/Roy Dugosh.

Commission Photographer - Roy Dugosh/ Elenora Dugosh Goodley.

History and City Walking Tour -  Annette Schultz and Mary McGroarty Smith.

Bar Codes - Lauren Langford.

Project Coordinator and Bandera Museum - Rebecca Norton. 


Commissioner Doug King - Liaison/Advisor.

Mayor John Hegemier - City of Bandera Consultant.

Jim Hannah - City of Bandera Council.

Mary McGroarty - History Consultant.

Rudy Rodriquez - Polly Peak History Consultant.

Willamfeather Wilson - Early Spanish History and Culture.

Patricia Moore - Contributor and Sponsor, CVB.

Harry Stretcher - History projects.

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2015  Historical  Commission

Preservation Award

Merry Langlinais

BCHC Historian Writer and Editor

Rebecca Norton

Friends of the Old Jail Grant Consultant/Writer

Merry Langinais

Historian Editor

Sheila Fries     Secretary

Elenora Goodley

Co- Chair/Website

Historical Marker Chair

Commission Andy Wilkerson, Sr. Court Liaison/Advisor

Roy Dugosh


Annette Kalka Schulte

Proof Reading/ Walking Tour

Mary McGroarty Smith   History/Walking Tour

David Burell

Historical Buildings

Western Trail

Cecil LeStourgeon

Historical Buildings

Masonry Consultant

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