2017 - 2018 Historical Commission

Members of the 2017 - 2018 Bandera County Historical Commission

Honarable Judge Richard Evans

Honorable Bruce Eliker, Precinct #1
Honorable Bobby Harris, Precinct #2
Honorable Jack Mosely, Precinct #3
Honorable Jordan "Jody" Rutherford, Precinct #4

Roy E. Dugosh - Chairman.
Elenora Dugosh Goodley - Co-Chair.
Secretary - Sheila Fries.
Rebecca Norton - Treasurer.
Merry Langinais - Historian Editor and Historical Archives.

Historical Commission Project Directors
Hendrick Arnold Cemetery - Roy Dugosh/Elenora A. Goodley.
Friends of the Old Jail - Rebecca Norton, Roy Dugosh, and Elenora Goodley.
Historical Markers - Elenora Goodley.
Preservation of Historic Building - Cecil LeStourgeon.
Shadow Box Displays - Merry Langinais/Roy Dugosh.
Commission Photographer - Roy Dugosh/ Elenora Dugosh Goodley.
History and City Walking Tour -  Annette Schultz and Mary McGroarty Smith.
Bar Codes - Lauren Langford.
Project Coordinator and Bandera Frontier Museum - Rebecca Norton. 
Gayla Brown - Website


Commissioner Jack Mosely - Liaison/Advisor.
Mayor Suzanne Myer - City of Bandera Consultant.
Mary McGroarty - History Consultant.
Rudy Rodriquez - Polly Texas History Consultant.
Willam "Feather" Wilson - Early Spanish History and Culture.
Patricia Moore - Contributor and Sponsor, Bandera County Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Harry Stretcher - History projects.  

2017 Commissioners Court

Bandera County Judge

Richard A Evans - Bandera County Judge

Commissioner Pct. No.1

Commissioner Bruce Eliker - Pct. No.1

Commissioner Pct. No. 2

 Bobby Harris - Commissioner Pct. No. 2

Commissioner Pct. No. 4

Commissioner Jody Rutherford - Pct. No. 4

Bandera County Sheriff

Dan Butts - Bandera County Sheriff

Bandera County Auditor

Christina Moreno - Bandera County Auditor

2017/18 - Bandera County Historical Commission

Historical Commission Chairman

Roy Dugosh - Historical Commission Chairman

Co-Chairman - Marker Chair

Elenora Dugosh Goodley - Co-Chairman - Marker Chairman


 Sheila Fries - Secretary
Picture not shown 

Historian Editor - Archivist


Merry Langlinais

Historian Editor -  Archivist

Historical Commission Treasurer

Rebecca Norton - Historical Commission Treasurer

Historical Building Masonry Consultant

Cecil LeStourgeon, Sr. - Historical Buildings Masonry Consultant

Historical Research

 BCHC Researcher - Ray Carter, Jr. 

BCHC Website Manager

Gayla Brown - Website Manager



2017-2018 Associate Members

Contributor & Sponsor, Convention & Visitors Bureau

BCHC_Patricia Moore

County Commissioners Court Liaison

Jack Moseley - Liaison County Commissioners Court 

BCHC Representative

BCHC - Arthor Kurio